Hey! I’m Bart and this is my family. My wife Magda and I have been married since 2010. We live in Surrey, UK with our daughter Rita.

      Our life is ordinary and unique in the same way. I am trying to find happiness in everything I do. I love to spend time with my family - amazing supporting wife and my wonderfull happy daughter.

      My daughter is my teacher and my style is changed after she was born. I am catching even more happy moments, smiles and love.

      I love nature, art, historical places and buildings. All those things I am trying to include on my photos as much I can.

      I love travelling with my family and discovering new places, those places don't have to be far, but travelling is the best way to know the world and find out something new about ourselves. It is making our family stronger and ready for anything.

      MY STYLE

      I think that key to happiness and success in anything you do is to be always yourself. This approach I am using on every photoshoot. You have to feel comfortable with shots, then I am sure you will love them. Natural and candid photos are the best and those photos you will watch with your other half in 10 years time and cry together.

      Your wedding is your day. I will capture all moments unobtrusively. Best photos of you both. A magical story of your wedding day. Great moments, emotions, love, tears happiness and laugh. let's do this together. Let me tell your story...