“There’s something magical about a printed image. When I grew up my parents made albums from our holiday snaps and sometimes when I’m home, I go through them. Those images from my childhood are worth more to me than any jpeg on my many hard drives. Crappy snaps with date stamps of me and my cousins playing dress up in our summer house on Gotland bring me right back there and I cherish those photos immensely.

If you leave your photos on a disk or your hard drive, your images will gradually fade into oblivion. The images are still there in that folder, but you never look at them and the photographer in me quietly questions why you paid to have me there on your day if you didn’t intend to do something with your photos.

Print your photos, my friends. Put them on walls, on fridges or in books, but just print them, ok? Every time you walk past that wall, you will remember that day and smile.”

Jonas Peterson


  • Size: 30x30cm / 12×12″ – 15 spreads (30 pages)
  • First draft created with few round of amends available,
  • Lay-Flat binding allows showing photo uninterrupted over a double-page spread.
  • Hand-created on-site by skilled and experienced craftsmen and printed using the latest, most sophisticated printing technology.
  • Choice of cover materials.
  • Free – Photo album Box included.
  • Free Delivery

My Special offer for 2 months after wedding day £300 (normally £350)

Bigger albums and different options available.